Headquartered in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, Ducere Technologies is India’s first wearable technology company, and Lechal – the world’s first haptic footwear – is the first of our products to hit the market.

Created in 2011 with the bold mandate of crafting cutting-edge, world-class products that are unique and user-friendly, Ducere has grown from a duo of electrical engineers in a small apartment to a team of 110 engineers, designers, assembly operators, sales staff, human resource personnel and multiple departments of every type and stripe as befitting a company with global ambitions.

Committed to disruptive change, our process begins with big ideas that are then honed without a fear of failure and driven by the will to innovate fiercely and fearlessly. Not bound by time or held back by technology, the team is encouraged to always push the boundaries, not just in terms of design but even in terms of delivery and execution.

The ideas are endless and come from anyone and everywhere, and all of them are prototyped and probed before a select few are taken to the next stage. This is a sometimes time-consuming, oftentimes frustrating process but in the end, it is a supremely rewarding one as it allows us to fail fast, move from one idea to the next quickly, and know that we have tried and testing and are trying and testing everything at every step of the way.

Lechal was the result of a similar, painstaking and path-breaking five years of tinkering and technical virtuosity. The first shipments, the result of enthusiastic pre-orders, were completed in early 2016 and these smart insoles will soon be available for the mass market in the US, Middle East, Europe and India.

With other exciting products in the pipeline, partnerships galore and big plans, Ducere is no longer just starting up or even simply stepping ahead, we are striding forward, surging towards the next big idea, the next first-of-its-kind, the next big thing.

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